GK In Hindi | GK Question and Answer | GK Quiz | 2023
GK In Hindi | GK Question and Answer | GK Quiz | 2023
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General knowledge is the knowledge of a wide range of facts about various subjects. General knowledge is information that has been accumulated over time through various means. It involves specialized learning that can only be achieved with extensive training and limited exposure to a single medium. General knowledge is mandatory for all kinds of competitive exams today. Many important questions of general knowledge are listed here. Must read once to increase your general knowledge.


#1. पृथ्वी पर दिन और रात होते हैं ?

#2. सबसे बड़ा ग्रह है ?

#3. सबसे छोटा ग्रह है ?

#4. अगुलहास धारा किस महासागर में बनती है ?

#5. पृथ्वी का सबसे भीतर वाला भाग क्रोड किसका बना होता है ?

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